Merida Aerospace Radically Improves the Way Space Services are Delivered with a Simple Idea.
Merida Aerospace 6U Earth Imaging Satellite (cubesat) with multispectral imaging capability, under test in our new cleanroom.
Presenting our cutting-edge lineup of space exploratory systems, optimized for pioneering research and development endeavors
Merida Aerospace is tirelessly working to develop technology, making the aerospace industry more accessible for everyone
Adjusting the drivetrain on one of our planetary test rovers.
Conducting validation assessments of CubeSat data sensor acquisition telemetry transmissions.
Assembling our model satellite tracking dish to conduct mechanical tests on Merida Aerospace's new low earth orbit satellite tracking software
Continuing the assembly of our quadrupedal robot.
Developing effective communication protocols is the backbone of CubeSat operations. These protocols establish the rules and formats for satellite data exchange, enabling precise location and command executions, telemetry retrieval, and mission coordination.
Merida Aerospace continues to advance in the development of LEO satellite launch vehicles for both equatorial and polar orbits, the latter of which includes the prized sun-synchronous orbit.
Merida Aerospace offers comprehensive support for your CubeSat projects, encompassing everything from initial concept development to launch, data collection, and distribution.
Merida Aerospace offers comprehensive support for your CubeSat projects, encompassing everything from initial concept development to launch, data collection, and distribution.
Prototype modeling for the optimization of Merida Aerospace satellite parabolic tracking antennas.
Merida Aerospace has in-depth experience with industrial and planetary rovers.
Merida Aerospace utilizes computer-aided stress analysis in the superstructure design of its quadruped robots.
Final calibration and attitude assessment before PC board population and subsequent implementation testing initiation.
Merida Aerospace is continually advancing its capabilities in the acquisition and dissemination of satellite-derived data.
Assembling the data acquisition and transmission multiplex module for a Merida Aerospace CubeSat
Merida Aerospace excels in the engineering and fabrication of rovers of varying scales, tailored for diverse applications including, but not limited to, planetary exploration and industrial utilization.
Merida Aerospace is preparing a prototype CubeSat for an imminent suborbital test flight, aimed at evaluating the performance of sensors and communication subsystems.
Merida Aerospace is perpetually developing and testing cost-effective astrionics solutions tailored for CubeSat applications
Performing initial optical inspection on Merida Aerospace rover prototype.
Assembling the primary structural framework of Merida Aerospace's quadruped robot.
Assembling Merida Aerospace prototype planetary quadruped legs for gait testing.
Merida Aerospace is actively engaged in the advancement of hybrid propulsion technologies and the fabrication of solid-fuel rocket systems designed for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) launch applications.
Merida Aerospace develops software and firmware for an abundance of CubeSat applications.
Validating application of advanced precision coding and response for quadruped robot gait.
Merida Aerospace designs and builds planetary rovers, for a myriad of applications.
Assembling on-board satellite communication board for Merida Aerospace CubeSat
Conducting diagnostic assessments on the Merida Aerospace Planetary Rover Imaging System.